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The Art of Interaction

I’m Jean Smith, founder of Flirtology

As a social and cultural anthropologist, with a background in human behaviour, I can give anyone the skills and confidence to interact and connect with people

Skills such as: networking, how to approach an uncomfortable topic with a colleague,  gracefully exiting a conversation can be learned. These skills are applicable in social and work environments

My mission is to teach you those skills. Then you can experience just how easy, fun, and fruitful it can be


Learning skills to connect with people

Topics include:

  • Igniting your ‘IT’ factor
  • Master Interactions
  • Asserting Yourself: Turning Confrontations into Conversations

Flirtology offers workshops, talks and seminars tailored for the skills you wish to develop. All formats are delivered in an innovative and fun fashion, with lots of space for interaction


Helping promote your brand message

Flirtology creates and runs events for organisations for their employees, consumers and the media.

Flirtology assists with press releases, analysing data and commenting to the press to make your message more distinctive in a crowded media environment


Developing skills for social interactions

Personal sessions where we look through layers of behaviour to explore how you can improve your interactions in both social and workplace environments

Using a range of techniques drawing on anthropological methods and research, Flirtology helps you target a range of issues: how to feel at ease in social situations, have better interactions with colleagues, present your personal brand, communicate with confidence.


Jean is a flirting behaviour expert featuring in the International media for over a decade

As the world’s only Flirtologist, Jean has appeared in television, print and radio

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