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Flirtology lecture with Jean Smith

The Malaysian Engineering Society – Kuala Lumpur  


(Half-day workshop)

If you’ve ever been in a room full of strangers, and found yourself clutching your glass with sweaty palms, racking your brains for something to say, you’re not alone. It’s perfectly normal to feel awkward or uncomfortable in such settings. But it needn’t be that way. With a few simple, yet valuable tips – backed by plenty of scientific findings – I will have you feeling more at ease than you could have ever imagined in these situations. You will not only learn how to interact and chit-chat with grace and ease, but you’ll enjoy doing it.

Consists of practical tips and activities on:

  • Tips on maximizing any event: when to arrive and where to stand
  • How to use props to start conversations
  • How to approach one person
  • How to enter a group
  • How to exit a conversation
  • How to become a keen reader of body language


(1-2 hour interactive talk)

The thought of addressing an issue, when something is bothering us, is a scary one for most people. We assume the worst will happen. Therefore, rather than talking to the person about how we feel, we continue to let it happen. The resentment inside us builds. Meanwhile, the other person, blissfully unaware, continues repeating these actions. What stops us from saying, ‘Jon, you probably don’t even realise that you are doing this, but do you know that you continually interrupt me when we are in meetings? It makes me feel like you don’t value what I am saying.’ Or telling our parents, ‘I love it when you come to visit, just not for two weeks’. What stops us from having these conversations with others? You’ll discover how to assert your needs, get what you want and still walk away as friends.

Consists of practical tips and activities on:

  • The two fundamental things you need to do in order to assert yourself
  • Exposing the unhelpful formula that you are currently living your life by
  • The 5 practical steps on how to have a conversation
  • The importance of boundaries
  • Why ‘being nice’ is stopping you from being kind, loving and giving

Stylist Magazine Reader Event –London

Flirtology lecture with Jean Smith

The Wedge – Singapore 


Small talk is boring, let’s face it. But, it’s a necessary step when beginning conversations with people whom you don’t know.

In this talk, I will introduce the foundation for any quality interaction, which I call ‘The Structure’. Once you have laid down the foundation for the interaction, the rest is easy! I will then explain ‘The Sparkle’, which makes you unforgettable and ensures a higher quality interaction for all. This talk will help you Ignite your ‘IT’ factor.

Stop talking about the weather and start making connections.

Consists of practical tips and activities on:

  • How to build rapport quickly
  • How to move on from small talk
  • How to have more enriching conversations
  • How to build rapport and increase liking


(2-hour interactive talk or half-day workshop)

You’d like to be in a relationship, but it’s just not happening. You feel it’s ‘hard work’ and ‘all the good ones are taken’? In this talk, I will help you pinpoint exactly where you are going wrong on your search for love. I will introduce how the methodologies used in social science can help. You will leave with a clearer vision of what you need to do, and a renewed hope that you can make it happen, by using these tools.

Consists of practical tips and activities on:

  • How to use anthropology in your partner search
  • The three reasons you are single (and what to do about it)
  • Examining your partner criteria
  • How to build an invisi-shield against rejection
  • The secret to attraction
  • How to flirt: H.O.T. A.P.E. (an acronym for the 6 signs of flirting)

Guardian Masterclass – London


TEDx @ London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Stylist Magazine Reader Event – The Relationship Revolution

The Guardian – Masterclass

Natural History Museum ‘Friday Night Lates’

South Bank Centre – Festival of Love

The Royal Society of Medicine

London Business School

School of Life

The Women’s Institute

Women in Film and TV

Historic Royal Palaces


The University of East London, Centre of Excellence for Women’s Entrepreneurship


American Express

Impact Hub London

The Wedge Asia, Singapore

The Malaysian Institute of Engineering, Kuala Lumpur